What is Eleiss resources?

Welcome to Eleiss resource, a Practical Linux Guide for beginners.

Eleiss resources is a free to use practical reference dedicated to Linux and its users. Consisting currently of linux commands, this site seeks to motivate and assist the use of Linux by providing easy to use and easy to understand Linux resources.

Accompanied by a variety of examples, resources.eleiss.com aims to provide its users with efficient Linux learning material.

The idea

Eleiss resources seeks to broaden its content with inclusion of resources for shell scripting, unix programing, Linux terminologies and much more from time to time.

The Audience

This site contains the material which is recommended for

  • IT Students
  • Linux beginners
  • Teachers

In essence, this practical Linux reference is for anybody who wants to learn Linux.

You may write to resources@eleiss.com for any Linux related queries.